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About School

Tribute to Our Founder Principal Mrs. T. Pinto (3.10.1930 to 27.10.14)

‘Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time’......H. W. Longfellow

Our Principal Superior, Mrs. T. Pinto was the brain behind this institution. She was a great visionary, for, way back in 1984, when she started H. P. Children’s Academy with just a handful of children, she was confident it would be a phenomenal success. Her sincere efforts boosted by the faith our Director Dr. T. P. Shahi had in her, bore rich fruits. In no time, the school made its presence felt in the academic circle of the entire eastern belt.
Ma’am Pinto’s distinct style of teaching has left an indelible imprint on the minds of the multitudes of Lives she touched. She was a perfectionist to the core and her quest for perfection is evident in the way she laid emphasis on the all round development and grooming of each child. Her emphasis on hand writing has become the hallmark of our school. It was a passion close to her heart. The welfare of the school was on her mind 24X7. Like a potter, she moulded the teachers ‘her’ way so that the values and teaching methods she inculcated in them, may be carried forward to the children. And the legacy continues. Today we are at the pinnacle. We stand tall as a family of approximately 125 teachers & 3000+ students. We will always cherish, uphold and emulate the standards she propounded. Though she is no. more with us now, the H. P. family will continue to be inspired and guided by the noble ideals incarnated by our beloved Ma’am.
May her soul rest in peace….!

About HPCA Sahara

H. P. Children’s Academy, Sahara Estates Branch is an offshoot of our mother branch at Civil Lines. Established in 2006 with a handful of students, the school has come a long way and is marching forward with its objective of nurturing young minds through academic excellence and value-based personality development. The dedicated efforts of the management and staff have helped the school to excel in all fields – be it academics or extra-curricular activities.

Vision & Mission

To impart quality education replete with visual concept & practical solutions in stress free & unburdened environment. To develop proficiency in global language & national language. Systematic & time bound life-style having exposure in totality. To preserve Indian culture, moral values & patriotism among the students. To master the skill of the game opted for, with disciplined approach & sportsman spirit.

Message From Ma'am T. Pinto

When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires will come to you………….. It does not matter who you are if you have the vision, and the determination to achieve that vision, you will certainly achieve it. It is crystal glazing that the school has trodden a long way from its inception to its heights.

Over 30 years the school has blossomed from a tiny sapling into a full fledged tree spreading its branches far and wide. As the principal of both schools I deem it my proud privilege to be a part of this ever growing center of knowledge whose noble goal is to accomplish value based education to the children. Our stress on handwriting is the golden mark of H. P. Our teachers infuse creative learning habit in the students and this makes it an enjoyable part of the life long quest for knowledge…..

H. P. School’s students are a testimony to the cherished ideal of an individual’s commitment to a group effort. It is a temple of learning of values. Our prime objective is to bring creativity beyond curriculum based activity. The scholastic pressure should not pose as a stumbling block to the spontaneous over flow of powerful feelings. Last but not the least thanks to all my teaching and non teaching staff who toiled for many years in making this school one of the prominent temples of wisdom in the city. I want to convey this message to all my teachers and students – “To work with integrity and succeed with integrity."

Message from The Secretary (Dr. T.P.Shahi)

The journey of Education through H. P. Children's Academy has become the landmark of quality & discipline-oriented education in eastern U.P. As per our motto ‘Work Is Worship’ this Institution, with its potential leaders & teachers always works hard to achieve the real goal of education, rotating around ethical, moral and all round development of students. Education means mind and body should be kept active in proper direction. Attendance & internal assessment are two valuable tools to monitor the academic progress of a student. Our aim is to teach students proper time management to lead a healthy and successful academic & physical life. Students should indulge in good hobbies in the field of sports & cultural activities.

H. P. family believes the foundation of success is attitude is attitude education ought to teach us not only how to make a living but also how to live. Anyone who has accomplished anything worthwhile has never done so without discipline.

Message from The Principal Mrs. Deeba Ahmad (Sr. Sec.)

It is an honour to serve such an outstanding community. My goal is to use this website as a communication tool to keep you abreast with the latest happenings in the school. The staff at H. P. Children’s Academy, Sahara Estate is committed to environment. The school’s motto ‘Work is Worship’ speaks volumes about this commitment. Excellence is a virtue. I articulate at every step the strong bond of respect and affection between the teacher and the taught my school boosts the students’ morale and hones their latent talents. I truly believe that a healthy partnership between the parents and the staff leads to the academic success of the child. Hence I count on all parents to take active part in your child’s academic journey. This participation can be in the form of attending Parent-Teacher-Meetings, going through your child’s homework on a daily basis and sharing your concerns with me. I aim at providing a safe and intellectually challenging atmosphere to my students to enable them to evolve into creative problem-solvers and inspired challenges of the modern world. I envision them as Lord Alfred Tennyson’s legendary hero ‘Ulysses’, who was always willing – ‘To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield’. Looking forward to your support.

Message from The Principal Mrs. Nishi Heizikil (Pr. Sec.)

Teachers are an extremely important facet of a society. According to me teaching is not a profession but it is a mission to make the world better and enrich the young generation with knowledge. I always wanted to be a teacher because it is a timeless profession. Teachers are very important people in our lives and as far as I’m concerned. I feel spiritually connected with my teachers. The backbone of technological innovation is education, so it is extremely important that children and young adults are receiving a quality education to foster a better quality of life for all. I feel proud to be a part of H. P. Children’s Academy and giving nineteen valuable years of my life to this institution till today we follow the system of education set by our Principal superior Ma’am T. Pinto. According to her this system is the only identity of H. P. C. A. which is very true. Pursuit of excellence calls for an enter pressing mind, willing to learn, willing to change, willing to risk and willing to experiment. All the members of H. P. family whether the students or the staff, enjoy whatever work they do. We are aware of the present and have a desire and determination to change the future without sincere effort no one can attain excellence. We should remember that we could get valuable objects only by means of continuous effort.


HPCA has fully equipped modern classrooms, Composite Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Labs and a big Library with thousands of books, periodicals & magazine. Capacious Activities cum Examination hall and Conference room furnished with audio visual system are part of support facilities. The school boosts of a big play ground used for playing games such as Basketball, Football, Cricket, Kho-Kho and Kabaddi. Physical Training is provided by trained coaches in a professional manner. The students of Pre-Primary are provided with play equipments such as swings, see-saw, climbing frames among others to support their gross muscular development. They also have various educational class room equipments to develop their aesthetic and language skills. School maintains students' performance sheet that maintains record of their physical, psychological and various development aspects. Parents / Guardians can meet the principal in his office on all school working days. Parent-Teachers meetings are organized after each exam to keep the parents in touch with the performance of their wards.