From the Principal’s Desk

H.P. Children’s academy is a symbol of progress and quality education. Our motto “Work is Worship” captures the essence of our spirit. Work is the greatest form of worship that anyone can ordain. We try our level best to instill in every child’s mind and heart that accomplishing our work with affection would bring about our satisfaction and give us an uplifting point of view. Children are made to understand in a congenial and conductive atmosphere that work is a definite type of love as, without working, one can’t keep on living. Our spirit and psyche would be serence and quiet once we begin loving the work we do.

We aim at providing an all-round education to the children where they can scale heights in all spheres whether in the field of academics, sports or creative arts.

H.P. Children’s Academy is a real temple of learning. The remarkable feats accomplished by our students have enabled the school to carve a niche of its own in the educational hub.